A vital Greater Boston community exemplifying innovation and collaborative problem solving in public policy, medicine, and the arts.


To improve the quality of life in Greater Boston and beyond by catalyzing new generations of collaborative leaders in public policy and public service, medical research, and the arts.  We do so by:

  • Sponsoring government and academic partnerships to improve public policy outcomes.
  • Funding research that may lead to breakthroughs in neurologic and mental illnesses.
  • Rewarding the creation of exceptional visual art and music.

Goals and Strategies:

  • Identify accomplished individuals with demonstrated leadership capability, intellectual curiosity, and integrity, who are committed to tackling difficult challenges in their fields.
  • Recognize and reward the vision, commitment, and successes of emerging and future leaders.
  • Offer grant recipients opportunities and resources to expand their skills and vision, develop their minds, sustain their motivations, and connect with other leaders.
  • Create both measurable and immeasurable change that serves to improve people’s lives.