The Rappaport Research Scholarship in Neuroscience at MGH

In an era of significant cutbacks in government funding, the foundation’s support in the developmental stages of a junior scientist’s research has played a significant role in advancing potentially promising ideas and opportunities in the field of Neuroscience.

Dr. Peter Slavin

President, Massachusetts General Hospital

The Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Foundation has partnered with the Massachusetts General Hospital since 1995, to further the goal of promoting medical research. As a world-class academic teaching center and the largest hospital-based research program in the nation, the MGH was a natural choice for the Rappaport Foundation to partner with to advance research activities in Neuroscience.

Over the years, the Rappaport Foundation has funded 11 clinical and research scholarships, enabling young scientists at MGH to conduct and pursue novel experiments and evaluate results for publication. These scholarships are highly coveted positions, and candidates submit to a rigorous application and selection process to have the opportunity to work with senior level clinician-scientists and to advance research initiatives. Scholarships are also valuable vehicles to attract young clinicians to work on the leading-edge of medicine. The Rappaport Scholarship fosters an interdisciplinary approach to innovation in neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery by rotating resources to these three departments. This is a unique and successful means to achieve research discoveries.

The partnership of the Rappaport Foundation and the MGH enable scholars, through publication of their findings, to share their knowledge with the broader medical community. Sharing knowledge allows their research to be further developed and refined with the help of their colleagues around the world. Taken together, we firmly believe that today’s laboratory advances will provide the patients of tomorrow the care needed to treat, prevent and potentially cure innumerable diseases and illnesses.

About the Selection Process

In early spring of each year, the three Neuroscience Chiefs, Anne B. Young, MD, PhD, (Neurology), Robert L. Martuza, MD (Neurosurgery), and Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, MD (Psychiatry), nominate promising young scientists for the Rappaport Scholar. The submissions, including a CV and recommendation from each chief, are reviewed by all three. A candidate is selected, and information about that candidate is forwarded to Massachusetts General Hospital President, Dr. Peter Slavin, for his final approval.