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Jim is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, consultant, attorney and political activist who has served as Executive Chairman of New Boston Fund, Inc., a private equity real estate investment firm.

Jim is currently partnering in several 55-plus residential communities in central Florida, which will provide up to 8,000 homes over the next 10 years. He serves as Vice Chair of Fintiv, Inc., with patents controlling significant intellectual property in the fintech area, along with payment processing and cloud payment and mobile wallet specialties. In addition, Jim does consulting with the goal of helping family businesses become more functional and set better boundaries, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities within the family business and office structure.

Jim has also been active in state and national politics, serving as Massachusetts Republican State Chairman from 1992 to 1997 and as a member of the Republican National Committee. He ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and lieutenant governor in 2002. He currently serves as Chair of Fiscal Partners, which pursues educating voters on fiscal issues impacting the state.