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Scott Harshbarger is senior counsel in Casner & Edwards’ litigation and nonprofit departments.

He specializes in providing strategic counsel and advice to corporate, nonprofit and public agencies on business ethics, independent investigations, and corporate defense, compliance and risk management, board governance, and government regulation. His distinguished career includes positions in major public office, nonprofit executive management, private legal counsel and numerous board directorships.

Scott has had a long and successful career as a public defender, civil rights attorney, Middlesex District Attorney and Massachusetts Attorney General, and was the democratic nominee for governor in 1998.

While AG, Scott was recognized as a national leader. Not only was he elected president of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), he was also recognized for being one of the first AG’s to sue tobacco manufacturers on behalf of children and public health, and for his pioneering use of chapter 93a to promulgate hand gun safety and regulations.