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Antonio Torres

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Antonio Torres


Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston


Rappaport Urban Scholar


1995 – 1996

Rappaport Urban Fellowship provides elected and appointed officials from Great Boston with full-tuition scholarships to attend the Kennedy School of Government's Master's in Public Administration program.

Antonio Torres was named the 1995 Rappaport Urban Scholar at the Kennedy School of Government and ears a master’s degree in Public Administration program. His educational background includes a 1973 bachelor’s degree with a concentration in urban studies from Temple University. Before attending the Kennedy School, Mr. Torres was employed as Deputy Director of Neighborhood Housing and Development at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, as Development Director of Planning and Development at the Boston Housing Authority, and as Acting Director of Planning and Design at the Municipality of Bayamon in Puerto Rico.

Antonio has an extensive background in housing and community development policies and programs. He has implemented numerous inclusionary housing and community linkage programs, managed development impact projects, negotiated land use and environmental issues, and promoted opportunities for urban enterprise. He is a founding member of the Latino Political Task Force and the Latino Development Enterprises Consortium. His interests at the Kennedy School include housing, urban development, transportation, environmental policy, and natural resources.