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Danielle Mulligan


Danielle Mulligan


Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston


Rappaport Public Policy Fellow



Rappaport Public Policy Fellows spend 10 weeks each summer serving within the highest levels of state and municipal governments in the Greater Boston Area. The program includes students from graduate and professional programs at local universities.

Graduate School
Tufts University

Undergraduate School
Tufts University

Ramon Soto, Director of Policy, Massachusetts at uAspire and Rappaport Institute Advisory Board Member

City of Boston Planning and Development Agency

Raul Duverge, Project Manager

Description of Fellowship
Danielle primarily worked on assessing a wide range of potential impacts of the One Charlestown Project, the transition of the Boston Housing Authority’s Bunker Hill housing into mixed income housing, on Boston Public Schools and BHA residents with school-aged children. Her research included interviewing local stakeholders, BPS and BHA administrators, and administrators in public housing and education in other cities across the US. Danielle presented her findings and recommendations for the next steps of the One Charlestown project, as well as future similar public housing redevelopment projects, to the Development review team at the BPDA, as well as administrators at BPS.