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Jonathan Rosand


Jonathan Rosand


Massachusetts General Hospital


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For nearly 30 years, the funding provided by the Rappaport Foundation to physicians and researchers has allowed brilliance to flourish and breakthroughs to triumph in the areas of neurologic diseases and mental illness.

Dr. Rosand is Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Director of Fellowship Training in Vascular and Critical Care Neurology at MGH. His research in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhagic stroke focuses on identifying the genes that underlie the disease. He was recently recruited to the newly formed MGH Center for Human Genetic Research. The Rappaport Family Fund provided support at this crucial time to hire staff to assist Dr. Rosand in the establishment of an infrastructure for research in genetics. With this structure now in place, Dr. Rosand is able to initiate genetic studies independently and is in a much stronger position to apply for federal funds for his research.

The long-term goal of our research is to develop more effective methods for the prevention and treatment of stroke. Our group uses clinical, neuroimaging and genetic characterization of patients with stroke in order to improve understanding of the risk and clinical course of cerebrovascular disease. In addition to our broad-based genetic studies, we continue to enroll patients with hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke in longitudinal studies of stroke outcome. All of our efforts involve collaborations with other groups, within the Department of Neurology, the Center for Human Genetic Research, the Broad Institute, and the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, as well as within the International Stroke Genetics Consortium.