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Minjee Kim

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Minjee Kim


Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston


Rappaport Public Policy Fellow



Rappaport Public Policy Fellows spend 10 weeks each summer serving within the highest levels of state and municipal governments in the Greater Boston Area. The program includes students from graduate and professional programs at local universities.

Graduate School

Undergraduate School
Yonsei University, Korea

Vivien Li, Riverlife and Rappaport Institute Advisory Board Member

City of Boston Redevelopment Authority

Jonathan Greeley, Director of Development Review

Description of Fellowship
Minjee worked at the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s Development Review team. In response to the Agency’s desire to improve its interface with the members of the community when potential new developments are being reviewed, she conducted a comparative analysis of the BRA’s public review procedure for reviewing private real estate developments with practices from Boston’s peer cities. As a result of her analysis, she suggested strategic ideas for restructuring the Agency’s development review system. The goal was to suggest a framework that can assure that the participation from the public becomes an integral part of the advancement of development proposals and a mutually beneficial consensus is reached at the end of the review process.