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Natalia Kolosowska, PhD

RappaportFellow- Kolosowska.Natalia_sized

Natalia Kolosowska, PhD


McLean Hospital


McLean Hospital Mental Health Research Scholars



For nearly 30 years, the funding provided by the Rappaport Foundation to physicians and researchers has allowed brilliance to flourish and breakthroughs to triumph in the areas of neurologic diseases and mental illness.

Natalia Kolosowska, PhD, obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Eastern Finland. During her graduate studies she investigated the immunomodulatory mechanisms in animal models of ischemic stroke. Her doctoral thesis sought to address the therapeutic potential of regulating neuroinflammatory responses after cerebral ischemia. She evaluated several experimental approaches aimed at controlling excessive proinflammatory reactions and concurrent enhancement of the beneficial effects of alternative polarization of microglia and macrophages in order to ameliorate the functional outcome of ischemic stroke.

Currently, Kolosowska’s research interests include the application of human postmortem cell cultures at the Translational Neuroscience Laboratory led by Dr. Sabina Berretta, combined with other postmortem research methodologies to improve understanding of how immune responses impact the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders. She is a recipient of a 2021-2022 Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Mental Health Research Scholar Award.