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Patrick Harlin

Patrick Harlin

Patrick Harlin

Patrick Harlin


Atlantic Classical Orchestra


Rappaport Prize for Music Composition





Patrick Harlin has composed and played piano since age seven. He is classically trained and experienced in jazz and modern improvisation and draws from those idioms as well as electronic music. His compositions are informed by the intersection of the natural world and contemporary life. As such, he has a keen interest in acoustic ecology and is integrating research from that field into his doctoral studies. Immediately after receiving his bachelor’s degree in composition at Western Washington University, he was hired on to teach Aural Skills. He then went on to earn a Master of Music composition from the University of Michigan, where he is currently working towards the Doctor of Musical Arts. He studies with Michael Daugherty, and has studied with Bright Sheng, Roger Briggs, Bruce Hamilton, and Lesley Sommer, as well as Erik Santos in electroacoustic music. He has participated in master classes with Samuel Adler, Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, and Frederic Rzewski. Recent awards include fellowships from the University of Michigan, and best original score at the Lightworks film festival.

River of Doubt